I Need A Break

Wow, so again I nearly forgot about posting!

Well, let’s put it this way:

I thought Monday was Tuesday earlier in the week and I ended up putting a post up. And then I realized I was a day early and deleted it. Of course, then when Tuesday came along I completely forgot to write a different post. (Mainly due to the fact I had to work and I had other things going on and… I’m not going to start rambling here.)

Then again today I just nearly forgot. If not for my good friend Paula’s Facebook status about the fact that she should be writing, I would have completely forgotten. (Don’t ask me how that reminded me of this post, I have no idea.)

My brain is just completely lost lately, foggy.

It’s jumping from one thing to the next like it’s a kid hyped up on Kool-Aid. Or I’m flat out forgetting things and can’t think straight to save my life. More than once I’ve nearly screwed up counting change out at work, that’s how out of it I have been. Not to mention I am literally worn out.

Since last Thursday (not yesterday, last week) my work schedule has gone/is going work three days, off a day, work a day, off a day, work three days in a row again, off a day, work a day, off a day, work a day, and then finally (HOPEFULLY!) have two days off in a row next week Thursday.

But, considering my shift got screwed today because a coworker decided to pull a no call, no show, I’m wondering if my hopefully two days off next week is going to become work four days in a row because I am on call for said coworker. If she gets fired or just up and quit, there goes my time off…

I’m worn out. The fact that I haven’t been sleeping well isn’t helping matters either. It’s been constant, crazy work and a multitude of other things going on as well. Hell, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open writing this and it’s not even that late! (In my books, at least. 3am is late for me now.) With my busy schedule, I haven’t found any time, or focus, to work on writing or getting ready for Camp.

And it’s driving me nuts, and discouraging me again.


I need a major break. Like, preferably four days off in a row at least to get caught up on things I need to do, including sleep. But I have a bad feeling I’m not going to get that for at least another week and a half, if not longer by the way things have been going.

Work is kicking my ass. Life is kicking my ass. And Friday the 13th is normally lucky for me.

HA! Not this time it wasn’t…

(And I’m too tired to even bother reading back through that to make sure I didn’t make any grammar/spelling mistakes. Or if it even makes sense. *Fingers crossed it isn’t a train wreck*)


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