Snippet Sunday: March 8, 2015

Since I currently have a few works posted to Wattpad, I am going to start there with my snippets and give you all a peek at those before moving onto sharing bits and pieces of my current WiP novel.

Switching it up from last week’s snippet. I’m moving on to a different, little bit longer, story I have posted to Wattpad. This snippet comes from my paranormal short story titled Rivers of Black. It’s starting off a few paragraphs in from the beginning of the story.

A bit of background on this story as well: This story is rather dark and depressing. It deals with a topic some people would be hesitant to read. Which is self harm and suicide. I don’t sugarcoat this either, I write it raw on how someone in my character’s state feels. Just be forewarned with that. I hope it doesn’t deter you from reading, but I know others cannot deal reading these kinds of things. (Really this week’s snippet isn’t anything graphic or such though.)

(Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to fit the ten sentence limit. And it seems really short this time for some reason.)

I used to look up at the stars at night and ask: why me? What did I do to deserve this? But then it just hit me, like a brick to the face: The question wasn’t why me; the question was why not me? That was the moment that I realized this would be my life from now on. Before those dark thoughts entered my mind for that first time all those months ago my life was too perfect. I had a nice family, a good home, the best of friends, great grades in school, and almost anything I wanted. I had everything a teenage girl could dream of. So the answer to ‘why not me’ was easy. My life was too perfect, so the universe had to find a way to ruin something about it. Because let’s face it, life is only this perfect in fairy tales, and I was no princess.

Cover made by @_teenagers on Wattpad

Cover made by @_teenagers on Wattpad

If you want to read the whole story, it is available to read on Wattpad! I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,

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