Snippet Sunday: March 1, 2015

Since I currently have a few works posted to Wattpad, I am going to start there with my snippets and give you all a peek at those before moving onto sharing bits and pieces of my current WiP novel.

This week’s snippet comes from the small, short horror piece I have posted to Wattpad titled The Black Lake. I am moving forward a couple paragraphs from last week’s snippet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to fit the ten sentence limit.)

ALSO! This is the last snippet I will be posting from The Black Lake before I move onto something different.

I had long since finished washing off, disappointed that I couldn’t just scrub the night out of existence, but I made no move to shut the water off and get out of the shower to face reality again. It had to be very early in the morning by now, but I knew there was no chance of me going back to sleep for the third time this night. Instead, I leaned against the shower wall and continued to let the water pound on my back and neck, just taking in the soothing quality it gave my mind.

It’d been a week since I had stumbled onto the man dumping the woman’s lifeless body into the black lake in the forest. But there was no getting it out of my mind in that week; every time I dared to close my eyes or even blink once rapidly the bloodied form of the girl and the gaze of the man tormented me. I could barely sleep; dark shadows lined the under part of my eyes and I could barely make words into coherent sentences that made an inkling of sense. I was just that exhausted from the whole ordeal.

That night was a lasting nightmare, haunting me like a ghost of an old abandoned house, following me everywhere I went, lurking around every corner I turned. I was too afraid and frazzled to go to the police over what I had witnessed; and I was even more afraid they would just laugh me off and think I was delusional. But I had to do something.

The Black Lake Cover Final (Originally GD)

If you want to read the whole story, it is available to read on Wattpad! I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,

hop on over to Facebook and check out Snippet Sunday!


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