I had all these ideas for posts last week. And now…

Zero. Zilch. None. Nada. Nope. Big fat goose egg.

I am completely topic-less, and I have no clue how. Must of all gone in one ear and out the other in the past week. Typical.

So, really, I have no idea what I’m writing here. (Or even why I’m bothering to write a post then.) This is literally going to end up as me rambling along.

As I already am…


Maybe I should just save you all the boredom of reading a pointless blog post and stop now and hit that little delete button. Then again, if I had done that you wouldn’t be reading these words at all, sooo…

I pretty much just shot myself in the foot there.

When I want my brain to shut up with all the ideas and the race track speed, it only goes faster and gets more confusing. But when I actually WANT an idea, I get nothing. Go figure. I swear my brain just loves to screw with me. Or maybe it’s the characters in my head refusing to shout at me and argue for once. (Their silence is starting to scare me.)

Who knows?

I guess I won’t know why I’m without a topic — or any constructive brain thought at all — right now until something finally decides to slap me in the face again. Until then, I suppose I might as well get some mindless stuff done. (Like organizing or putting my laundry away.)

Now watch, as soon as I start the mindless stuff, I’ll get sucker punched by an idea and the characters will start to yell again. Happens evvvvery the time. *Rolls eyes* I swear they do it just to toy with me because they get bored.

(And what do you know, now that I started to think of the mindless stuff, the topic ideas — and the characters — just came back. GAH!!)

I give up, they win…