Plans for Progress

I don’t know why I ever attempt to make plans when I never follow them anyways. But nevertheless, I’m doing it anyways. (Maybe I’m just trying to see how long it takes for me to break these ones too.)


I have mentioned before that I was working on notes for the novel I’m currently writing. Along with said notes, there’s probably a mile long list of other things I need to do. A few of those things are more pressing that I need to really get moving on. Someone needs to light a fire under my ass so I do them and not slack off again. (I warned you follow through was my downfall.)

I’ve been trying to keep a checklist for what I need to do. But it seems every time I cross one thing off, two more things are added. It’s like that saying, “two steps forward, and three steps back.” It’s a never ending cycle for me, unfortunately. And then, some things I have on that checklist have sub categories under them, which¬†makes it that much longer.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

In order to get this mile long list done, I have come up with a sort of game plan for the month of February.

Since it’s already half way through February and again I have barely done anything for the 1K-A-Day challenge, I have resolved myself to giving myself this month free. It will give me two more weeks to get all my notes in order so that for March I can dive back in head first and keep plugging away at the novel.

Of course, if I find I finish the notes before then I can start early. (Ha, I wish.)¬†But I’m giving myself a deadline of having all notes, characters, descriptions, etc etc figured out by the end of February. (Someone please make sure I stick to that!)

Besides those notes, I am trying to make myself get some other things in my life sorted. Other more important things. Well, to non-writers they would be more important. But to us fellow authors, it’s hard to say which is more important. But, these things I need to get done. Can’t keep putting them off like I do everything else.

(There’s that blasted follow through again…)

So those are my plans. Two weeks to get everything in order for myself.

Can I do it?

Oh I hope so…

(Happy Friday the 13th, by the way! Are you feeling lucky?)