Motivation Will Be My Downfall… Or Rather, The Lack Thereof

So I had this whole blog idea formed out in my head for what I was going to write for today and then, well, let’s just say I got distracted to put things lightly.

My biggest problem right now is motivation, or rather, the lack thereof.

You see, originally, this post was supposed to be about me trying to get myself back on track for the 1K-A-Day Challenge I was crazy enough to do presented by P.T. I had completely failed at it for the month of January (number of words I did do for the month is not up for debate) and now that it’s February, a new start, I had hoped to get myself back on track.

But so far, no such luck. (As always with me.)

So I had hoped this post would be about that, and then getting myself psyched over it. Little an extra push, a little energy shot. But since I have not started for this month yet either, I couldn’t possibly do that for this post. (Not to mention I’m still working on those notes for my current novel so I can’t do much writing without them finished.)

Are you guys sensing a pattern here yet? That I’m terribly far behind in what I want to be doing.

My thoughts are currently so jumbled and out of order, pulled in so many different directions because of all that I want to be doing, that I’m not sure I know which way is up and which way is down. I need to be able to put a filter on my thoughts for which ones get through so I don’t get distracted or overwhelmed by the rest. And then I need to be able to attach a generator or a supply of Monster drinks to the thoughts that I do let through so that I can get myself doing them.

Motivation and follow through are my greatest enemies if you can’t tell.

(But at least I managed to get this written before today came to an end. I guess that’s one plus.)

Anyone got any tips for me on how I can get myself moving in the direction I want to be going again? At this point, I’ll try just about anything.

2 thoughts on “Motivation Will Be My Downfall… Or Rather, The Lack Thereof

    • It’s not that it’s too many. I just…get distracted. If I’m focused on it and really in the zone, 1k words really only takes me an hour to write, not even. It’s hard to keep myself focused. Plus I still need to finish those notes, that’s one thing deterring me from plugging back into it.


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